NewsVilken cirkus! (“What a Circus!”) is the sequel to “Jag vill ha gröt!” and was published by Opal in May 2018. It is written by Lisbeth Sommarström and illustrated by me. The book is aimed at 3-6-year-olds.









Omslag_Den hemliga resan_Katalog_2


Den hemliga resan (“The secret journey”), written by children’s book writer Ulf Nilsson and illustrated by me was published by Verbum in February 2018. The book is aimed at 8-10-year-olds and is a project initiated by the Church of Sweden – the Diocese of Stockholm, to introduce children to the cultural heritage of churches.









Cover illustration for Verbum‘s publishing catalogue 2018.













Tusch - utskick_lExhibition Tusch (“Ink”) at Galleri Fiskhuset in Nyköping, 14th October – 1st November 2017.

Together with cartoonist Malin Biller.










lutherlogga-webb bildelement-pod17-anmälan

Symbol image for a conference arranged by the Diocese of Strängnäs, September 2017.











Illustration for the Diocese of Strängnäs magazine Portalen, no 3-2017.






grot_omslag_webbThe children’s book Jag vill ha gröt! (“I want porridge!”) is Lisbeth Sommarström’s and my first collaborative project, written by Lisbeth and illustrated by me. It’s aimed at 3-6-year-olds (maybe slightly older ones too…) and was published by Opal förlag in February 2017.


Lisbeth and I were jointly awarded Landstinget Sörmlands kulturstipendium 2016 for our contribution to children’s literature, by “Jag vill ha gröt!”.



Följ med och se  is Bishop Johan Dalman’s “herdabrev”, which was published by Verbum in November 2016. I did twenty-odd small, black-and-white (some with a little bit of colour) pen and ink drawings, which are scattered throughout the book.